Used YAWA machines

Complete list of used yawa graphic machines on PressCity

One ‘As New Pre-Owned’ YAWA Automatic Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine with Stripping. Model: PRO-F106 (Year of Manufacture – 2012) ...

Automatic hot foil stamping and die cutting press. The machine is in 'as new' condition Maximum sheet size: 560mm x 790mm Min ...


YAWA MW 790 2013 year excellent working conditions still in operating counter 32 mio

YAWA SP 920 HOT FOIL Produced in 2007 Automatic Foil Stamping Die Cutting & Creasing Press 18,889 working hours Processed materials: Pa ...

Yawa TYM 790 automatic hot foil stamping machine 2007 year excellent working conditions still in operating

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