Used Tränklein machines

Complete list of used traenklein graphic machines on PressCity

Book block rounding machine Tränklein Model BRM500 Year 2003 Width 500 mm Options up to 100 mm thickness Available Direct

Corner cutter Tränklein Model EH-1 Year 1970´s Available direct

Nipping press Tränklein Model FNP750 Year 1980´s Width 750 x 250 mm Options up to 100 mm thickness Available Direct

Karl Tranklein screw clamping press The format is +/- 500 × 250 mm

Universal cutter Tränklein Model USM500 Year 1970 Available direct

Bookpress / twin plates / Hydraulic Tränklein Model ZP39 Year 2010 Size 280 x 440 mm Stack height 600 mm Available Direct ...

Hydraulic Twin Presses ZP-COMBI n°1295/513 of 08/1989 suitable for pressing of books, brochures, posters, pictures, etc. The pressing ope ...

two roller gluing machine TRANKLEIN ZW for cold and warm adhesive, working size 65 cm for glue application on paper, cardboard, cloth, le ...

Gluing machine for paper Tränklein Model ZW 300 Year 1995 Width 300 mm Options for PVA glue Available Direct

Gluing machine for paper & board Tränklein Model ZW-D 500 Year 1980 Width 500 mm Options with board attachment up to 8 mm, for PVA glue ...

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