Used Technotrans machines

Complete list of used technotrans graphic machines on PressCity

One new Tecnotrans dampening water central cabinet Newer used build 2007 Heidelberg Hydrostar Beta D 40G HDM Nr L4196 1807 Tecnotrans ...

We have for sale 2 sets of central ink suply system TECHNOTRANS from 2008 . Available immediately . Location : Gdansk ,Poland

Microprocessor TFK-CP10.11 for FK-C4000-6000 technotrans

Repaired but in a very good condition

Excellent condition Can be used for roller or anilox coaters. This system uses peristaltic pumps, only the inside of the hose comes in conta ...

Technotrans refrigeration

Refrigerator for water

4 Ink pumps to be used with 200-kg-barrels

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