Used Solema machines

Complete list of used solema graphic machines on PressCity

Ref:9945 . 2003 Solema Book Block Feed Conveyor. For automatic feeding of horizontally fed book blocks. Stand-alone unit which can be a ...

Miscellaneous powered conveyors:- Ref:9946 - 3-piece 180 deg. comprising:- Conv. -21 - 1998 Solema 1m x 1m 90 deg. conveyor, 47 ...

Solema conveyorbelt Width: 450 mm Lenght 1700 mm

Solema Fast Book book block feeder Automatic book block feeder Technical details Min size 120 x 100 mm Max size 520 x 330 mm Thicknes ...

Book block feeder, Roller infeed table extended, Auto Load

Book block feeder

Book Block Feeder: - automatic pile loader "Auto Load" from left side

In line or free standing book splitter, hopper feeder for perfect bound books

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