Used Solema machines

Complete list of used solema graphic machines on PressCity

Ref:9945 . 2003 Solema Book Block Feed Conveyor. For automatic feeding of horizontally fed book blocks. Stand-alone unit which can be a ...

Miscellaneous powered conveyors:- Ref:9946 - 3-piece 180 deg. comprising:- Conv. -21 - 1998 Solema 1m x 1m 90 deg. conveyor, 47 ...

Solema conveyorbelt Width: 450 mm Lenght 1700 mm

Solema Fast Book book block feeder Automatic book block feeder Technical details Min size 120 x 100 mm Max size 520 x 330 mm Thicknes ...

Book Block Feeder

Book block feeder, Roller infeed table extended, Auto Load

Book block feeder

Lay down device

In line or free standing book splitter, hopper feeder for perfect bound books

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