Used Sigloch machines

Complete list of used sigloch graphic machines on PressCity

Perfect Binding Line - consisting of: - SIGLOCH Gathering Machine ZTM-4310 with 12 stations, handfeeding and transfer to the binder - SI ...

Book stacker, Turning device, Straight delivery, Roller table delivery

Nipping Press: - handfeeding - single line throughfeed - one pressing station

Nipping machine

We have for sale Book block calibrating press Sigloch NH: Year: 1997 Condition: Very good Location: Poland Available immediately

dryer for bookblocks with transport, UV lamps, moveable, operating and supply unit

Sigloch gatherer ZTM 7037 equipped with: Hand feeding station 16 stations gatherer ZTM 7037 Criss-cross delivery Technical documentation ...

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