Used Schneider Senator machines

Complete list of used schneider-senator graphic machines on PressCity

1996 SCHNEIDER SENATOR 76E LINE Computer Programme + TV Monitor, Air Bed, Light Guard, Spare Knife, Knife Changing Equipment G10189

2008 SCHNEIDER SENATOR JOGGER Size 72 x 102cm, Air Bed, Air Removal Roller G10088

Cuts very well, two extra knives. The programming for automatic cutting is unstable.

program, air table, photo cells, two side tables

Already skidded and ready to load. Located near St. Louis, MO, immediately available. Very nice cutter, extra blade.

digit. program w. display, air table, photo cells, two side tables

Schneider Senator Model 260 Cuttinglenght 2600 mm Details Airtable Photocells IR installed in 2000 E.G. CONTROL GRAFICO PC - Di ...

We are pleased to offer: Schneider Senator 92 Guillotine Year 2004 Cutting width of 92 cm. Computer Programme with Plasma Monitor 9 ...

Schneider Senator guillotine 132 PC2 year of construction 1984 basic machine air table guillotine 132 light barriers 2 knives techn ...

Schneider Senator Jogger BR 87 Year 2013 Format 70 X 87

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