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Compensating Counter Stacker Model - RS 1012S Roller Delivery

Compensating Counter Stacker, Roller Delivery,

Speed: 90.000 sig/h

Rima RS 3111 SL (1999), infeed station with jogging belts, pressing station with non-marking belts, incline conveyor, alignment chamber, mov ...

Installed new in 2017 Only ran once for a test Specifications 1 RS-2858F-1 Conveyor Felt belt (546MM) (40") 1 (special) AC Motor Contr ...

Mail Ready, Townsort Feature

Compensating Stacker Rima Manufacturer: Rima Model: RS-2510 (13“) Serial-No.: 25706 Technical Data: Lateral delivery: A B D Maxi ...

Rima RS36-S compensating stacker Age: 2012 Ca 12,000 hours Available now

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