Used Luscher machines

Complete list of used luscher graphic machines on PressCity

This equipment is rare since it is of very high standard and fully refurbished. It is in the Ferrari Red colour scheme.

2 units X-Pose 230-128 UV + PHS complete lines 28 plates / per hour, maufactured 2009, max plate format 1130 X 950 mm life time under servic ...

2005 Luscher Xpose! 160 - 1700 x 1370 mm, Exposure head 64 x 830 nm diodes, 1W, 2400 dpi, Power supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz 16 A with RIP and p ...

If you need more information about this machine please follow this link for full actual description and lot of more pictures and videos: ...

High quality XPose! 130/32 Thermal fully refurbished and ready for shipment.

Fully refurbished to top condition.

Fully refurbished and in top condition.

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