Used Hunkeler machines

Complete list of used hunkeler graphic machines on PressCity

Hunkler VEA 520 (1984), end sheet tipping inserting machine, cold glue with pumping system from bottle

Casing-in machine Hunkeler (Joba) Model BBA Year 1990's Working width 350 mm Thickness 1-100 mm (adjustable) Available Direct

Hunkeler Balemaster Waste Paper Collecting System with Centrifugal Fans, Separators including Overhead Support Structure This Item is par ...

Book back rounding machine Hunkeler Model BRM650 Year 1985´s Working size 650 mm Thickness 100 mm Adjustment of thickness electric by ...

Gluing machine for paper Hunkeler Model LAM600 Year 1990 Width 600 mm Available Direct

Index Cutting Machine Hunkeler Model RE32 Year 1975 Capacity up to 8 mm Tool width up to 320 mm Tools 1 straight angle tool with a sma ...

Hunkeler SBA22 Snap Band Automat To glue substrates onto rotary forms

Machine for gluing of end sheets of (hard cover) books

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