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10 station collator Stitch unit Fold unit trim unit belt delivery

NEW NOZZLES offer consists of: Bourg BB-3002 one-clamp perfect binder - clamps: 1 - gluing: PUR (Nordson) - milling section: wit ...

single-clamp binder CP BOURG BB3001 of 2003 no. 612155442 for quality perfect bound booklets with covers or padded documents, using flat she ...

We are pleased to offer: Bourg Binder Model BB3301 Perfect Binding machine 1 clamp Colour screen Milling and Notching Station Adju ...

two units with two buckles each, size range A3-A5

10 station flat sheet collator Stitch unit Fold unit Trim unit Delivery

Ref. 3610 - Booklet Maker Bourg BT12/BT15 27 Stations Stapler

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