Used B&H Print Engineers machines

Complete list of used b-h-print-engineers graphic machines on PressCity

B&H Foil Cutter, U.K Produced CE marked. Produced & Built in our Factory

Heidelberg T SIde to side hot foil system rebuilt 2019

Heidelberg Platen rebuilt 2019 & fitted with band new B&H conversion Can be demonstrated in our factory

Heidelberg Cylinder S Totally rebuilt including re-ground cylinder. Brand new B&H Hot foil Conversion Infill heat plate with Dogs(Bunter ...

Rebuilt 2019 & fitted with Brand new hot foil conversion,

Heidelberg T platen (teigel)(windmill) cleaned & checked fitted with a brand new B&H Hot foil conversion

Heidelberg T SIde to side hot foil system rebuilt 2014

Machine fully rebuilt 2014 Brand New B&H Hot foil conversion Available now, can be seen for demo in our factory.

One Hot foil Conversion for 10x 15 platen(Machine not Included) Easily installad & easier to use, start hot foiling in less than 1 day Wit ...

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