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By taking advantage of PressCity.com ApS services and products you accept the following terms and conditions.

Read them therefore thoroughly.

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Company registered in England Number 03992902
VAT Registration Number: GB 198 9837 17

Last reviewed June 2015.

General provisions
Supplier - PressCity.com
Buyer - Customer
When ordering services and use of software via PressCity.com ApS purchaser agrees with these terms and conditions. Acceptance is made by ticking of the box, 'I accept terms and conditions', during registration.

The supplier has the right to make changes in business conditions. Last updated in June 2015. The Customer accepts current business conditions before an agreement has ended between supplier and customer. Our terms and conditions can be found on our website. It is customers' responsibility to keep up to date with the terms and conditions.

Acceptance of the subscription conditions By registering and entering your card information you agree that the membership is renewed automatically and periodically in accordance with the selected product. It is customers' responsibility to unsubscribe via 'MyPressCity' on PressCity.com if you do not wish to renew your membership and or services.

Any order of products and or services from the supplier is carried out with your consent. The consent is given at the time of registration i.e. acceptance of terms and conditions. For each subscription there has to be specified number of users but only one legal entity applies. If you apply for automatic payment service you can always change your card details so they are up to date.

All material on suppliers website and software is owned by the supplier. This applies to designs, texts, functionality and overall impression. If you want to quote or otherwise mention supplier you must as for prior written consent.

Supplier performance
The supplier has developed an advertising program for businesses that deal in used graphic equipment that is available online. The supplier is willing to provide free support by phone or email.

Identity and payment responsibility
By registering with the supplier the customer agrees to give truthful and correct information about ones identity and validity.
For companies the following apply:
- Must provide VAT number
- Registration certificate.

Price and payment terms
All rates are quoted in Euros and are excl. VAT. Changes in exchange rates, tax, insurance, consumer price index, freight and purchase costs means that the supplier may adjust prices according to the changes.

The supplier imposes fees on a number of services. This appears clearly if the Customer orders any of those services. Premium Rate is in accordance with the Supplier's then-current prices.

If the annual payment is made the customer obtains a discount. If the customer selects ‘cancel' the money cannot and is not refunded.

Data Collection
The supplier regularly collects information on users behavior when customers and other users use the Supplier's website and/or software. This data collection is anonymous and used for the purpose of optimizing services, prevention of fraud and interior design of the software.

Competition and rights
By registering with the supplier you confirm that you are not a competitor or work for companies that are in competition with the supplier.
Competitor is defined as someone who works for a company or owns a company that sells similar services. All software, design, architecture, text, etc. is protected by copyright, while names and proprietary terms are used trademarks. Any violation of this will be prosecuted, and demands for payment will take place. The supplier has rights to the software. The supplier may transfer its obligations to third parties under the same terms.

All payments from the customer to the supplier have to be made on time. If payment is not made by the specified due date, there may occur additional recovery costs, including interest and penalty charges, barred by the customer.
If the case of the collection handed over to the lawyer, the lawyer or supplier could require additional collection costs.
Failure to comply with the Supplier's terms and conditions will end in termination of the services.
The supplier has the right to close the Customer's access to the software, if payment/s is not made on time.

Limitation of Liability
The supplier reserves the right to programming errors and server crashes. In case of updating the software or equipment supplier has the right to disable access for a limited period, which will typically happen where fewest customers will be affected by it.
Access to the Supplier's software is developed continuously. The Supplier has access to the software as it is available and without warranty.
The supplier cannot be held liable for direct or indirect losses that have occurred in connection with the use of the Supplier's software. The supplier is also not responsible for hacker attacks, viruses or of force majeure. It is Customer's responsibility to ensure that all accounting is in accordance with the Annex, which is transferred between customer and supplier.

It is Customer's responsibility to inform PressCity.com by amending: address, telephone number, email address, Reg. No., and other personal information that may be associated with the account and which is relevant for payment etc., in 'MyPressCity'.

Confidentiality and security
The supplier has brought the software with high security and carries continuously to prevent unauthorized access to this data. All data entered in the Supplier's software happens automatically and to access for others. The supplier thus treats all data with confidentiality.

Termination of subscription and fixation
You can always cancel your current subscription. In such a case will be withdrawn money from your credit card before you create a new subscription.

Subscription, which is paid, is non refundable. If for example the Customer pays for 12 month subscription - this amount is non refundable. There is a 14 days return guaranty since the customer has the opportunity to test the software before use. The subscription is automatically renewed each month /year unless the customer terminates the agreement in 'MyPressCity'.

Termination can also be made in writing to our support department via support@presscity.com - which will be subsequently confirmed by e-mail. After termination the supplier has no further obligations to the Customer.

This agreement is subject to Danish law and is exclusively authorized to hear and decide on any disputes between the parties that may arise as a result of the completion of the agreement.
Any dispute or claim arising from this agreement, which cannot be resolved by the two parties, shall be settled in accordance with the rules of procedure at the arbitration tribunal at the Copenhagen City Court.

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