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Phone:   +447838885412
E-mail:   eurofasttrader@london.com

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Dear Sir/Madam, The company is based in United Kingdom, We buy and sell all types of used textile machines and printing machinies throughout the world and can offer machinery from Europe, Former Soviet Union, Far East and Asia as well as from North and South America. We can supply our valued clients with suitable machines for every textile process including yarn manufacturing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, twisting, covering, braiding, embroidery and crochet lace making. We deal in complete manufacturing lines as well as individual machines depending on the purchasers request. From the very first day Euro Fast Trader Ltd. stands for the quality and reliability on the products that are offered to its consumers. During our two decades of business dealings we have earned continues high reputation of which we strive to conserve. Our business principles and approach of dealing have given as the opportunity to establish long-term business relations with many customers. We as a company take great pride in the fact that our clients are our best reference and source of advertising. We are looking for "ROTA 1 Color" Models = M, K, J, L Size = 13 x 17 Inch "ALPHA 1 Color" Models = 9095 Size = 13 x 17 Inch "SOLNA 125 1 Color" size = 18 x 23 Inch "HEIDELBERG 1 Color" size = 19.5 x 26 Inch Many thanks Best regards, Abdul Rashid ph:+447838885412
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