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Are you selling Graphic Equipment?

The PressCity portal is a marketplace for graphic equipment dealers and printers. By signing up for a Blue membership you can advertise up to 5 machines with an unlimited amount of pictures. Furthermore it gives access to a number of useful help-tools such as “Calculate Leasing Rate”,” Auto Search Agent”, “Compare Machines”, “Find A Technician” and much more.

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On PressCity you will find more than 1500 unique graphic machines from more than 50 dealers worldwide. Please try our search function to find the machines you are looking for. Click here to start searching

If the machines you want aren’t available sign up for free and create an “Auto Search Agent”.

You will then receive a mail as soon as the machines you’re looking for are published.

Are you a graphic equipment dealer?

Boost your sales and lower your administration costs by organizing you business in the professional back-office tool Extenso.

Exclusively designed for graphic equipment dealers.


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