Used waste handling machinery

Nido NBK Paperschredder Type NBK32-25 L 3500 mm W 1400 mm H 2500 mm Including Abresch transportbelt; L x W ca 13000 x 6300mm; 400V ...

Cologic waste belt, to be placed behind three knife trimmer or trimmer, for automatical transport of trimmed paper waste

Cologic waste conveyor belt, to be used with trimmers, paper guillotines or three knife trimmer, for automatic removal of paper waste

This is a fully working paper suction / Waste system from a bookbindery in Denmark Aarhus Container , comprimator ,suction-pump, and hea ...

In house Bramidan 3-0 Waste Baler in good condition

Paper suction and wast handling system Can also be used in the wood industry

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