Used Material Handling machinery

2007 TCM Forklift with Large Roll Clamp

2011 Komatsu Propane Forklift with Side Shift

Hydraulic lift Cefam - Atlas Model S2X Year 1998 Size 140 x 180 cm Capacity 2.000 kg Minimum height 40 cm Maximum heigh ...

Toppy Aspo Label 600 with spindle and hydraulic clamp. Roll Turner Enable to lift and turn reels of different material Year : 2012 Capaci ...

2005 C+M Auto Tie Baler with all fans and separator

Wultec Stretch Automatic Pallet Wrapper with sensor

Specifications: Change left or right tilt and/or tilt angle with only the touch of a button Air squeezing is executed with two rollers A ...

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