This machine is in perfect condition Format from 7”x10” to 20”x28”

Heidelberg Cylinder LEtterpress KS size B3 max 380 x 520 mm min 125 x 150 mm rebuilt for die cutting and hot foil stamping speed for ...

max. size 40 x 57 cm age 1960 Delivery time: immediately from stock Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!

56x77cm - only for die cutting - COMPLETLY REFURBISHED IN 2007 - ** MACHINE CE NORMS**

If you need more information about this machine please follow this link for full actual description and lot of more pictures and videos: ...

We have for sale Heidelberg cylinder SBG 56 x 77: Diecutting machine Year: 1965 Size: 560 X 770 mm Condition: Very good Location: Polan ...

Die Cutting Machine Age: 1969 Size:56x77 Description: technical details Max. paper size 560x770 mm Smallest size 210x280 mm Ima ...

Heidelberg OHT “Original Heidelberg Tiegel” Serial Number 160.331 Machine can be seen in our factory - available immediately

1 used Heidelberg SBG

1 used Heidelberg SBB

1 used Heidelberg SBG

Cleaned and checked Repainted New protection hoods

no perfecting

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