Plateprocessor / plate developer IMAF Model 85 Year 1990's Size 85 cm width Available direct

32 diode RIP 7

Plater processor for Thermal (833nm) offset printing plates.

Kodak Mercury 1550 plus stacker for 1550, dismantled by Kodak Germany, excellent condition, function warranty if we or trained and certified ...

If you need more information about this machine please follow this link for full actual description and lot of more pictures and videos: ...

Developing process •TWL-1160F II Pre-treatment (Dedicated solution) Development (Water) After-treatment (Dedicated solution) Washing Th ...

Ref. 3589 - Plate Processor Ferpa Lambda - Age 1995. Serial Number: 65/50

Howson Algraphy Auto NEG Mk IV 67 Plate Processor, Size 550mm x 750mm

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