Baldwin of SM 74-1 in very good condition Year 1998

LEMO (Jagenberg) PLASTIC SHOPING BAGS MACHINE DKT 850 Glue Patch HANDEL Year 2000, Nr.489890 Spcial unit for adding handels Side sea ...

LEMO (Jagenberg) INTERNAT PLASTIC SOPPING BAGS MACHINE DKT 850 CT Year 12/2006, Nr.940571 Ectronik control Side seal Wicket bages ...

BLOW FILM EXTRUDER MECCANICA ALTO TYPE RAP XP 1998 Min-Max width Min-max thikness Aoutput Kg/Hr Screw diametter ? layers Price ??? ...

Kansa Padder KP28-3

Biz Hub Black and White Copier 1050 SD 501

Isuzu Box Truck

Kaesar Air Compressor AS31

Kaesar Air Compressor AS31

Kaeser Refrigerated Dryer TCH

Miscellaneous Computers, Furniture, Shelving

Buskro Tabber

Fenimore Inline Punch 3 Units Model#: 258

age 1996 plate bender HD Autoplate Multiplate HD - SM 52 / 74 / 102 Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!

Various compressors GA55C, GA50VSD, BD390 dryer.

MBO-Mailer/Folder B26-1-15/4 with Bell Howell Conveyor Loading cost: $350

New (old stock) Simpa Belt Pulleys

age 2008 chiller for water cooled cabinets pump- and circulation unit external condensator with double blower prior connected with Heide ...

"Rotary Design Considerations (Click Here) Motor Starting Surge, Audible Operating Sound Level, Vertical vs. Horizontal Construction Ro ...

SPOT and Surface Coating Machine UV with Cooling unit 3 lamps total 37.8KW Technical Data: Min Sheet Size280 X 460 Max Sheet Size720 X 1 ...

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