· Remote control · Quality control with spectrometer: GRAPHOMETRONIC FM19 / EAGLE EYE · Autom. plate feeder: PPL · Sunk steelplate in deliv ...

RCI 2 Console, Quick Action Plate Clamps, Rolandmatic Damping, Edelmann Refrigation, Weko Powder Spray Device, Eltosch IR Dryer.

RCI Remote Controlled Inking, Suction feeder table, Double sheet control, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 5, Straight mac ...

Press converted for UV Varnishing â??UV Drying

New - R700 - Actuator pneumatic put m/c into pressure - Right hand & Left hand

Cam followers for Impression cylinders - NEW

Ink Duct Motor

Blue model Mabeg feeder Cleaned and checked

+ Version KOMPAC dampening (2010) Quick action plate clamps Powder spray

Size 48 x 66 cm Cleaned and checked

MAN ROLAND PRAKTIKA PR 01+ from 1988 with N+P a 1 Color press of size 48 x 66 cm Option ; Kompac III Dampening, PLUS Verion Succion bands t ...



max. size 52 x 72 cm age 1975 stream feeder conventional dampening quick plate clamping bar dry sprayer GRAFIX Exactomat Please ask ...

conventional dampening, numbering unit

max. size 46 x 66 cm age 1988 conventional dampening quick plate clamping bar stream feeder suction feed board dry sprayer + version ...

Serie: 163 Succion bands table feeder, Low pile delivery The machine need new rollers

water dampening - version +

Roland 202 T, Serial: 239, no. 17096B - Build 1987

Size 52 x 74 cm ROLANDMATIC Weko powder spray Chromed cylinders Mabeg pneumatic feeder 3 Delivery bars As is conditions

RCI 2 Rolandmatic Baldwin recirculation and refrigeration Grafix powder spray Still in production Available immediately

Reference Num.: 3506 Brand: MAN Roland Type: Ultra RZU 5 Construction year: 1972 Size: 890 x 1,260 mm Available: directly Status: In product ...

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