Ref:9997 . 1999 Heidelberg Prosetter SP455. Small to medium run in-plant saddlestitcher with electronic control. 6 Station track & ...

CTP system. Creo model Trendsetter 800. No RIP. Only Platemaker

AGFA AcentoE (Screen PT-R4100), 2005 manual loading Bacher 425 mm punch 16 diodes to expose thermal metal plates only approx. 58.000 plates ...

Screen PT-R4000II with Single Cassette Autoloader Available April 2019

Heidelberg Suprasetter S 74 - CTP line year 2007 19 pph 2540 dpi about 144.000 plates about 6.200 hours exposure time connection kit O ...

Heidelberg Topsetter P 102 - thermal CTP 32 diodes only about 35.000 exposed plates Signa software and RIP very good condition

Screen Plate Rite PT-R 8000 32 diodes about 8.400 h SA-L 8000 plate loader stacker Rip Harlequin good condition

Screen Plate Rite PT-R 4300 E - thermal CTP year 2006 16 diodes about 12.700 h Screen HQ 510 PC RIP V 7.2 Harlequin PC Microsoft Windows ...

Screen 2055VI, Year 2009, complete with Heights Blue Amber 62 Plate Processor

ECRM Mako 4 CTP System Heights Blue Amber 85 Plate Processor RIP on PC Platform

Screen PlateRite 4300E Age 2007, 100 Plate Single Cassette Autoloader, Plate count 51898, Clamp count 13498, Trueflow Equiosnet 2006 ri ...

Type: Online-Plateprocessor Glunz & Jensen 150 HDX Number of Cassettes: 3 x ACL cassettes for 100 plates with paper Capacity: advand PS ...

This equipment is rare since it is of very high standard and fully refurbished. It is in the Ferrari Red colour scheme.

Fully refurbished and in top condition.

-High Speed UV CtP -Fully refurbished -Was at all time on manufactures service agreement

We have in stock a fully refurbished Suprasetter 74S Manual Heidelberg CtP with outstanding specifications and having been used in Switzerl ...

High quality XPose! 130/32 Thermal fully refurbished and ready for shipment.

Fully refurbished. On manufactures maintenance at all time

This is a very high speed VLF machine with 128 high speed diodes. Equipment will be fully cleaned,Refurbished and Tested before shipment.

Standard equipped

Standard equipped

automatic loading of plates thermal technology resolution 2400 - 2540 dpi plate thickness from 0.15 to 0.35 mm

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