This shrink-wrap is like new. Very little use.

Challenge Paddy Wagon in excellent shape

Good condition. In production Atlanta GA.

2005 Baum/Polar cutter, model Baumcut 31.5 inches, Programmer,Hydraulic power, 3 knifes, air bed, safety lights, good condition, in product ...

20 x 30" folder, pile feeder 4-4 configuration. Combination rollers in good condition.

14 Pocket Perfect Binder with 9 Clamps. Merit S 3 Knife trimmer, Book Splitter

MBO Folder Model Perfection - K800/4 S-KTZ with pallet feeder and Palamedes delivery unit. 28 x 40'

1999 ST 270, 8 pocket with Rima stacker

Stahl folder model TH 82 6-6-4 (3 folding stations) with a continuous feeder, automation and gate folding device. Serial number FH.ESCA-009 ...

Muller Martini Minuteman saddle stitcher 2002 model (1522) serial number NN11144. 6 pockets, cover folder feeder, hand unit

4 Corner Device with Lid, Device for 6-Corner Boxes, CUBE System, HHS 8 Channel 6 Gun System, Main Gauge for Longitudinal and Lateral Sett ...

1984 Heidelberg SM 102 VP, CPC 1.02 Alcolor Dampening, Baldwin Recirculation, Grafix Powder spray and IR dryer, continuous feeder and delive ...

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