Ref:10089 . 2005 Schmedt Präleg HHS 1805 Casing-in Machine. Very low usage, in excellent condition! For casing-in a variety of thi ...

Year: 2011

Year: 2007

Year: 2007

Year: 2008 2 bars for perfecting press

2 bars

1 bar Year: 2014

Year: 2012 IDS 2.5/R700 -2 measuring bars for perfecto press

Almost new knife set. Compatible with Stahl ST450

Compatible with Stahl 52/8

Anti set-off powder of the S5 series are organic, vegetable based products made of native starch. The single particles have a round and soft ...

SunLit Titan Eco is a sheetfed offset ink based on a patented technology which has been designed for commercial and publication printing whe ...

ink mixing with viscosity up to 500 Pascal cans weight 1 kg or 2.5 kg gyroscopic mixing head timer from 30 s to 10 min

14 clamps block width 100 - 320 mm block height 140 - 450 mm block thickness 2 - 60 mm signature grammage 60 - 170 gsm cover width 202 - 710 ...

1 bar for straight machines Year: 2009

Serial nr: CP.17.1282 InpressControl_Control Unit Year: 2008 1 bar for straight press

Serial nr: CP.17.1282 InpressControl_Control Unit Year: 2008

Hohner 43/6 stitching heads available Tested and cleaned, direct available from stock Visit our website for more information:

3 x 170cm x 150cm x 175cm Height Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Ink Tanks 1 x 102cm x 186cm x 390cm Height Black Ink Tank 6 x Hydrair Ink Pum ...

Heidelberg Stahl ZD.286-301-01-00 electronic board New original packaging part no. 286-301-01-00, supplied with machine but never used

Hohner 52/8 Stitching Head, complete, cleaned, checked and tested Direct available

10 bar Full automatic with receiver and dryer Sound proofed Sigma Control 2 controller

vacuum feeder UV coating unit 3 lamp IR and UV system In-line conveyor belt height-adjustable feeder

Standard stitching head

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