Screen PT R4xxx/8xxx spare parts


SCREEN, FUJI, AGFA, HEIDELBERG spare parts tested second hand and new PT-R4xxx/8xxx Head MB-Board PT-R4xxx/8xxx Head Driver-Board U1254019-03 PIO-PTR4(2) PCB 100016147V00 PIO-86 PCB 100016143V00 RCP2 PCB 100016153V00 CON_86U PCB 100016144V00 TB64 PCB 100018282V00 FES3 BOARD S100006569V00 PCB 64LD_DRV S100006570V00 PCB 64LD_CPU2151168 POWER SUPPLY (24V, 14Amp) 100012684V00 POWER SUPPLY 5V+-15V 100002244V00 POWER SUPPLY 24V 100007243V00 POWER SUPPLY (9V, 17Amp) 100012651V00 POWER SUPPLY (9V, 11,5 Amp) 100012651V00 POWER SUPPLY (5V, 15A) 100016149V00 SURGE PROTECT 100007241V00 NOISE FILTER Servo Pack PT-R4000/8000 S151347 Drive unit U1154023-00 SERVO MOTOR CABLE ASSEMBLY U1154021-00 ENCODER CABLE ASSEMBLY SU1150112-00 BALL SCREW UNIT(RC) 100013370V00 VACUUM SENSOR ASSEMBLY 151656 THERMOMETER S100006733V00 CAL SENSOR UNIT(RC) 114556 STEPPING MOTOR DRIVER 151175 PULSE MOTOR DRIVER (6) 100093776V00 VACUUM PUMPU1254024-01 Refurbished and new clamps S100096323V02 Refurbished and new clamps U1150073-10 Refurbished and new Block LD 100212447V01 Second hand and new Diode fibre 500 mWblower unit PT-R8xxx cpl. All other parts on request Worldwide shipping via UPS, TNT or DHL
  • GAT Graphic Arts Trading GmbH
  • Manufacturer:
  • Screen
  • Model:
  • PT R4xxx/8xxx spare parts

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