Prontotec PBA 600 Soft Cover Perfect Binding Machine


PBA 600 is a new numerical control automatic including machine dedicated on the soft cover production. Easy to use, you can set up system parameters, the real working condition, regulate thickness of the cover, working temperature, just by click the keys on the screen. One operator is enough to accomplish the whole fusing and binding procedure. It can be used in perfect binding field, with sewing and has a good effect in binding coated paper, the dinner page of color spray paper and for all other special paper that need PUR technology. Technical Details Books per hour Up to 600 Number of clamps 1 Touch screen Yes Maximum book size 420 mm x 330 mm Minimum book size 120 mm x 120 mm Block/spine thickness 2 50 mm Cover dimension maximum 710 mm x 420 mm Cover dimension minimum 242 mm x 140 mm Cover weight 120 - 400 gsm Dimensions L 2000 mm x W 1200 mm x H 1650 mm PUR glue tank capacity 2 kg Machine weight 600kg Power req. KW ND Compressed Air Max. static working pressure: 6 bar to 9 bar Diameter of the compressed air inlet fitting: 8 mm
  • West Highland Services Ltd
    United Kingdom
  • Reference:
  • ex_69084
  • Manufacturer:
  • Prontotec

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