Müller Martini Acoro A5


Type: Muller Martini 1571
Gathering stations: 12
Year: 2003
Hand feeding station
Reject Unit: 3614
Year: 2003
Number of clamps: 16
infeed incl. coupling to a ZU gathering
Milling station
Hotmelt spine gluing
Hotmelt side gluing
Premelter for hotmelt spine gluing
Premelter for hotmelt side gluing
Cover feeder: Drum cover feeder
Nipping and Pressing station
lay down device
conveyor belts
Type: Merit S 3671
Year: 2003
Control Panel
Mechanical Speed: 5.000 books/hour
Book thickness: 3 - 60 mm
Max Block format range (width x height x thickness): 430 x 320 x 60 mm
Min. Block format range (width x height x thickness): 140 x 100 x 3 mm
  • Allaoui Garphic Machinery

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Müller Martini
  • Model:
  • Acoro A5
  • Year:
  • 2003

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