Manroland Polyman


MAN Roland Polyman (1991) cut off 630mm,Stork Contiweb zero speed paster E&L web guides,Infeed station with static device,6 Polyman blanket to blanket units film dampening, Baldwin blanket wash system,Web catcher prior to oven,Twin staked MEG SIGMA PLUS 70 natural gas ovens, Twin stacked 4 roll chill roll stacks,E&L web guides,WEKO silicone stations with recirculation tank,Pressman control desk with PECOM control, Crossfield register control with Webatron cut off control,Polyman folder, Tabloid,A4,A5,Double parallel, Delta VITS QRO sheeter,Delivery conveyors,ROTO Schneider trimming system 1st trimming station bump turn-2nd trimming station,Gammerler KL 511 compensating stacker,Civimme ST 90 Ram bundling system (Ref 562)
  • West Highland Services Ltd
    United Kingdom

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  • Manufacturer:
  • MAN
  • Model:
  • Polyman
  • Year:
  • 1991
  • Size:
  • 630 mm.
  • Cut-off:
  • Greater than 600mm (>23.62")
  • Location:
  • United Kingdom

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