Kolbus KM 412.C


Soft cover perfect bound books with hotmelt glue, Universal bases a total number of positions of:: 18 x, Gathering machine, model: Kolbus ZU 841 - 10 x, Reverse fold feeder, Card gluer with Nordson hotmelt system, model: KK 841 - 2 x, Stream/log feeders, model: STA 840 - 6 x, Optical signature control system, Automatic sheet thickness control: ATC, Air center: Becker VariAir, Setup element, Reject gate, for incomplete products: AS 841, Intermediate elements, no.: 2 x, Model: Kolbus KM 412.C, Number of clamps: 30, Co-pilot with touch screen monitor, Main milling station, First spine preparation station, Second spine preparation unit, Third spine preparation unit, Brushing station, Excluding dust extraction system, machine was connected to a centralised dust extraction system, Base for first spine gluing station, Base for second spine gluing station, Base for side gluing station, Exchangable first hotmelt spine gluing unit, Exchangable second hotmelt spine gluing unit, Exchangeable hotmelt side gluing unit (disk type), Premelter for first hotmelt spine gluing system, model: LH 375.C, Premelter for second hotmelt spine gluing system, model: LH 375.C, Premelter for hotmelt side gluing system, model: LH 375.A, Stream cover feeder, First nipping and pressing station, Second nipping and pressing station, Lay down device, quality control with single product reject unit : VT 180, Conveyor system included, Cooling tower, make: Kolbus XAF 661, Escape delivery, model: TS.Z, Model: Kolbus HD 153.P, Age: 2014, Co-pilot with touch screen monitor, Infeed from the right, Silicone spray, Device for shingled stream infeed with magazine mode, Exchangeable cutting tables: 16. 17 & 18, Belt delivery, Knife changing device, 2 sets of knives, Model: Kolbus XKL 500, Age: 2014, Compensating book stacker, Make: Mosca Sonixs TR, Age: 2014, Single strapper, Shrink wrapping machine, make: Kolbus XBV 240, Age: 2014, Shrink tunnel, make: Kolbus XBV 100, Model: Kolbus PL 771.E, Age: 2014, Monitor with touch screen, Pallet dispenser, Slip sheet feeder, Pallet delivery
  • KGT Kool Graphic Trade B.V.
Advertising since 2010
  • Manufacturer:
  • Kolbus
  • Model:
  • KM 412
  • Year:
  • 2014

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