NexPress 2500 with fifth color (Dimensional-Ink or Glossing) with Nexglosser


NexPress 2500 with fifth color (Dimensional-Ink or Glossing) with Nexglosser

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The machine was sold in 2007 as Nexpress 2100 Plus. The maximal paper size is 35x52cm.
In 2009 the machine was upgraded to a "Nexpress 2500", so it can use the new function "dimensional ink" and print faster then a normal 2100.
Late in 2013 the ECS Mini air condition was changed against an ECS Full air condition. The machine is controlled by two IBM Servers.

It was until the end of 2014 in operation and in a service contract with Kodak.

Year of manufacture: 2007
Impressions: ~11.4 million

Sold without any consumables/SRCs/ORCs/Paletts/Transportlocks - most of these can be purchased seperately.

- Nexpress 2100
- Nexpress SX 3900
- Nexpress S3300
- Nexpress SE3300

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Kodak
  • Model:
  • Nexpress 2500
  • Year:
  • 2007

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