Master Bag 400 high speed Flat and Satchel paper bag machine. Made of rigid and Robust Construction in one of best engineering company . With a Sturdy construction to ensure safety and quality also stability and speed with less vibration with low noise, High speed and accurate discharge and minimum chances of industrial downtime. Power saving, and finest quality output Master bag 400 has a FLEXO printing unit designed for doing basic, one color printing capabilities till four colour can be upgraded any time main body are prepared easily to be installed The second important part of the printing unit is the anilox roller made from ceramics .It is an integrated system enabling to make printing with Intrinsic accuracy and it is fairly easy to use. Stop automatically when paper run out.
Machine is suitable for painted roll paper, Kraft paper, shiny paper, coated paper, in roll material.
From pre-puncturing, side gluing, folding, tube forming, cutting, bottom folding and gluing, final product collection can be completed within one time and one operator by this machine.
And according to the customer's requirement, we can also add window film patching device.
Operation and adjustment Very Simple and Quick , Change of Size can be done in Few Minutes, with counting system for speed production So it is Easily to Operate the Machine Successfully.

MASTER BAG 400 ideal for producing variety of daily eco-friendly paper bags widely used in bakery’s, pharmacy, fast food restaurant, Coffee shops, Supermarkets, and Retail Outlets. Printed with the names of stores and brands

The Machine is supplied with
Width Plate: 7 - 8 - 12 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30 / cm or any size based on request
Printing cylinders : 22 - 27 - 30 -35 / cm or any size based on request
Lengths gear: 22 - 27 - 30 - 35 / cm or any size based on request
• Sturdy construction ensure less vibration The machine vibrates less and produces less noise to ensure high stability.
• Machine is certified for safety and quality so that there are no chances of industrial downtime.
• Arranged papers make the operation and adjustment very easy & quick
• Changeable with any desired size
• High speed and accurate discharge of bags
• Finest quality output
• Saves electricity and lowers operational cost

Bag Formation:
• Printing Attachment: Owing to the latest technology FLEXO printer can be upgraded any time main body prepared till four color , easily be coupled with the Paper bag making machine
* It is an integrated system enabling to make printing with
intrinsic accuracy and it is fairly easy to use.
* IR 90 Ink Rollers / ANILOX / diameter 1200 mm
* The maximum coil diameter: 500-1200 mm
* Max Inside the main coil Diameter: 76 mm
* Stop automatically when paper run out.

* Bag length (mm) 150 - 600
* Bag Width (mm) 80- 300
* Bag Side Width (mm)25 - 100
* Paper Roll Width (mm) 280-960
* Maximum Speed (bag/min.) for smaller bags 400 pcs / min & for longer bags 200 pcs / min
* Maximum Paper Roll Width (mm) 1200
* Paper Gram Weight (g/?) 35 - 70
* Max roll weight 600 kg
* Pneumatic mechanical core shafts
* Hydraulic roll lifting
* Mechanical brake
* Speed Adjustment is done over Control Panel

* Bottom Adjustment Package
* Painted by water and corrosion resistant two-component epoxy primer and paint
* 5 KW AC Motor.
* 7" Display for speed and quantity control (PLC based)
* Size of machine 7750 x 2000 mm h: 2000 mm
* Weight : 3,650.- kg
  • Gutenberg Grafische machines B.V.
Advertising since 2017
  • Manufacturer:
  • Gutenberg
  • Model:
  • Flat And Satchel PAPER BAGS FS 1200
  • Year:
  • 2018
  • Size:
  • 60 x 120 mm.

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