ONE (1) GOSS CONTIWEB® unwinder model CS 1460mm with infeed and band guide

integrated and equipped with Web Data device

Automatic reel loading

FOUR (4) GOSS blanket / blanket printing units complete with:

Autoplate device

BALDWIN IMPACT automatic blanket washing device

TECHNOTRANS ink level measurement device

ONE (1) TECHNOTRANS DELTA C.1200 water cooling unit with regulator

of alcohol content ALCOSMART

ONE (1) GOSS Web Catcher

ONE (1) Motorized paper introduction device

ONE (1) GOSS CONTIWEB Oven with integrated afterburner Ecocool T 130-1460


GOSS CONTIWEB Silicone applicator

ONE (1) GRAFIKONTROL CR20 / CR20L Automatice Registration

One (1) GRAFICONTROL CR8 LT Automatic Cut off Registration 11.09.2015 2

Angle Bar Nest with Slitting for Three Ribbons

ONE (1) GOSS PCC-2 Combination Pinless Folder with A3, A4 , Double Parallel and Twin Delivery

ONE (1) CONTINENTAL blower and air cooling system

ONE (1) Gluing and pleat softening system PLANATO Combijet 7 COM

equipped with 6 heads

A (1) GOSS multi drive motor system

ONE (1) Electrical distribution cabinet

ONE (1) Communication cabinet (PC / PLC) for 4 printing groups

ONE (1) GOSS Omnicon control system

TWO (2) Omnicon console with color control

ONE (1) Additional Omnicon Console without Color Control (MPC5)

ONE (1) Console for the BALDWIN system

TWO (2) Console for GRAFIKONTROL devices (color, cut)

ONE (1) Console for the PLANATOL device

ONE (1) NELA Semi Automatic Plate Bender and NELA MRV Pneumatic Punch Press
  • Roberts Graphics Ltd
    United Kingdom
  • Manufacturer:
  • Goss
  • Model:
  • Sunday
  • Year:
  • 2002
  • Size:
  • 620 x 1450 mm.

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