Bourg BB 3002 3P + PE EVA


Maximum Speed 600 Cycles Per Hour
Minimum Cover Size 100 x 201mm
Maximum Cover Size 385 x 750mm
Cover weight 80 to 300gsm
Wide Range of Book Thicknesses Binds from 1 to 60mm
Colour Touch Screen Operation
Missing Cover detection
Double Cover detection
Adjustable Jogger Vibration
Milling & Notching station( Milling Depth 0 to 3mm)
Paper Dust collector
3 Cylinder Glue Tank
Glue Level detector
Adjustable Side Gluing ( Accuracy 0.1mm)
Knife Creasing ( Up to 13 Positive/Negative Cover Creases)
Start-up Timer ( Enables Pre Programming & Production scheduling)
Safety Barrier Light Curtains to Guarantee Operator safety
  • Care Graphic Machinery Ltd
    United Kingdom
Advertising since 2010

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Bourg
  • Model:
  • Year:
  • 2014

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