Manroland sheet fed machines

Used Roland, MAN Roland and Manroland sheetfed offset presses (to give the company's various changes of name) have been at the heart of the printing industry since the 1950s, although they lost their pre-eminent place in the market to Heidelberg in the 1980s. Their most popular models in the B1 format are in the R700 series, especially second hand Manroland R704, R705+L, R706+L and R708 models. Many are equipped with coaters and UV coating. Special features can include RCI, CCI, HiPrint and ColorPilot

Secondhand sheetfed presses in B2 format include the Manroland R 500 presses in four colour - R504, five colour -R 505, six colour - R 506, and eight colour versions - R508; used presses in the R200 series - R202, R 204, and second hand R 300 series - R304, R305, R306 and R308, as well as a few "legacy" presses like the Roland Favorit.

In the larger format are used Manroland R900 series like the R 906-4 and the R906-6+L, with a few second hand Roland R804 and R806 presses still being offered.


Sheetfed - 1 color(s)

Sheetfed - 2 color(s)

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