Komori sheet fed equipment

Komori Lithrone sheetfed presses have been around since the 1980s and have been in the forefront of technological change, being among the first to introduce SAPC (semi-automatic plate changing) PQC Off Press Controls and KMS Komori Management System. Used Lithrone L426, L 428, L528, L 429, LS640, LS 540 and GL 40 sheetfed presses remain very popular. Second-hand Komori Lithrone L 440, L 540 and L640 offset presses for sale are very popular in the USA, Canada, India and many other parts of Asia. Many are equipped with coaters and UV varnishing and coating

Smaller format used sheetfed Sprint S26 and S28 (mainly S226, S426, S526 and the slightly larger B2 S228 and S428 models) are now replaced by second hand Spica 29 and Enthrone 29 series.


Sheetfed - 2 color(s)

Sheetfed - 4 color(s)

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