Used Heidelberg SM 52 machines for sale

In 1995 Heidelberg introduced its SM 52 range. While the same size as the GTO, the design of the Speedmaster 52 allowed much more automation to be introduced, including Autoplate, Preset, CPC 2000, coating, automatic inker and blanket washes etc. It also ran at an increased speed of 15,000 sph. Used and second hand SM 52 presses are available in many versions, including Plus Versions with numbering and perforating (N+P, or N&P). Two colour (2 color) models are the SM 52-2 and SM 52-2P, while four colour (4 color) Speedmasters in this range include SM 52-4 and SM 52-4P presses. Examples of five and six colour (5 and 6 color) presses are Speedmaster 52-5+, Speedmaster SM 52-5+LV, Speedmaster SM 52-5+LX, SM 52-5+L, Speedmaster SM 52-5, Speedmaster SM 52-5P, Speedmaster SM 52-5P SE, Speedmaster SM 52-5P+LX, Speedmaster SM 52-5PH, Speedmaster SM 52-5PPH, Speedmaster SM 52-6 and the Speedmaster SM 52-6+. Used machines with coating include the Speedmaster SM 52-5+LX Anicolor and the Speedmaster SM 52-4+LX Anicolor. There are also eight colour SM 52-8 and 10 color SM 52-10P presses available as secondhand and pre-owned presses.


Sheetfed - 1 color(s)

Sheetfed - 2 color(s)

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