Used Heidelberg SM 102 machines for sale

The Speedmaster 102 is the grand-daddy of the whole Speedmaster range. Released in 1975 to break Roland's stranglehold on the 40" B1 market. More than forty years on and used and second-hand SM 102 presses are still among the most sought-after presses on the pre-owned press market. Examples of used Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 include 2 colour presses SM 102ZP and SM 102-2P presses, 4 colour SM 102V and SM 102VP, 5 colour SM 102 F, SM 102FP, SM 102-5, SM 102 F+L, SM 10-5P and SM 102-5P+L and secondhand six color SM 102S, SM 102SP and SM 102 S+L (later SM 102-6, SM 102-6P, SM 102-6+L) presses.

Heidelberg has continued to use this model range as a test bed for all its new technology. CPC1 then CPC 102 and its many variations appeared here first, as did Alcolor and Alcolor Vario damping, Autoplate, Preset, Wallscreen and automatic washes

The advent of long-perfectors in the late 1990s was the most dramatic change, and used SM 102-8P soon followed by SM102-10P and SM 102-12P presses found their way onto the market and are still among the most popular secondhand printing machines.


Sheetfed - 1 color(s)

Sheetfed - 2 color(s)

Sheetfed - 4 color(s)

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