Used Heidelberg CD 102 machines for sale

The Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 range (or SM 102 CD, as many people still call it, arrived in 1987 to complement the SM 102 range which soon became known as the "Classic" Speedmaster. CD stood for carton design, the double circumference impression cylinders making it more suitable for card than the single circumference Classic, which was designed to allow perfecting.

Still in production today and very popular as a used press on the secondhand market, the CD 102 comes in from one to 12 colours. From the early 1990s most were equipped with autoplate and all had CPC, Alcolor damping and autowashes.

The designation of models changed in the 1990s. Popular second-hand CD 102 presses you will find on PressCity include used four colours like CD 102 V and CD 102-4, used 5 color presses like the CD 102 F, CD 102 F+L, CD 102 F+LX, CD 102-5+LX and CD 102-5, pre-owned six colours (CD 102 S, CD 102 S+L, CD 102-6+L and CD 102-6) and 8, 10 and 12 colour used Speedmaster CD 102 presses like Speedmaster CD 102-12P, CD 102-10P, CD 102-8+LX.


Sheetfed - 2 color(s)

Sheetfed - 4 color(s)

Sheetfed - 5 color(s)

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