Used Müller Martini Three-knife-trimmers in-line

Built in 1996 Size max 304 x 340 mm min 146 x 103 mm Speed max 7.000 c/h Equipment • 2 sets of knife holders • 2 set of knives ...

1995 MULLER MARTINI 251 TRIMMER Automatic, Inline, Hopper Feeder, Stacker Delivery G10104

Compensating book stacker, Delivery to the left and right, Roller table delivery, Belt delivery

Muller Martini 3674 Frontero Face-Cut Trimmer Reduces finishing time when producing brochures with gate-folded covers. Mechanical Speed ...

Heavy Duty, High Speed Three Knife Trimmer

The Muller Martini 3670 is an ideal in line trimming solution with Muller Martini Starbinder and Muller Martini Monostar perfect binders.

Perfect for soft and had covered books complete with Automatic Make Ready

Highest capacity combined with leading-edge technology

Untrimmed Minimum Book Size: 103mm x 140mm Maximum Book Size: 320mm x 384mm Trimmed Minimum Book Size: 100mm x 136mm Maximum Book Siz ...

Working Hours: 507 h

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