TIPTIDA Import/Export

Latest Machines from TIPTIDA Import/Export

  • Address:
  • 1, Allee des Iles Marquises
  • Zip / City:
  • 44300 NANTES
  • Country:
  • France
  • Website:
  • www.tiptida.com

  • Verified Dealer Verified Seller

About TIPTIDA Import/Export

Buying and selling used offset printing machines

TIPTIDA Import/Export is speciallized in trading used offset printing machines, based on 14 years experience in this business. We offer a large choice of second-hand printing presses, all sizes and all age.

You need a printing press, 1, 2, 4, 5 colours or more, with or without coating unit or perfecting, have a look at our machine list and find the right machine.

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