Morof Printing Machines

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  • Riedstrasse 22
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  • 72475 Bitz / Germany
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  • Germany
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About Morof Printing Machines

Since 1987 the name MOROF has been known worldwide for commercial fairness and good prices, for utmost professionalism and guaranteed quality when buying used graphics machines. Today MOROF delivers more than 200 printing units per year in the offset area alone, in more than 50 countries, making it one of the leading dealers in the field. We offer only used machines from German printing plants and companies that we know and trust. Our experience has shown machines in Germany are routinely maintained to a high standard and are therefore still in excellent condition after years of use, therefore meeting our quality standards.
All our "young used ones" always undergo intensive quality testing prior to delivery to the end customer.
We can offer worldwide installations, spare parts service and after sales service!

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