Bazzell Graphische Maschinen

  • Address:
  • Rietgrabenstrasse 76 a
  • Zip / City:
  • CH-8152 Opfikon-Glattbrugg
  • Country:
  • Switzerland
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About Bazzell Graphische Maschinen

Our country, Switzerland, is famous for its cheese, chocolate and high-precision watches, for the quality of its products and the clean environment. Swiss operators are known to care for their machines like Englishman for their lawn.

Nearly all the machines that you find on our sales-list originate from Swiss printers. We purchase them from the owners directly or in very close co-operation with the various distributors of new equipments. This makes us the NUMBER ONE Swiss exporter of used equipments for the printing industry.

Most of our customers are dealers all over the world who know and share our philosophy. These partners of ours are in a position to provide the best assistance to their local endusers at reasonable conditions.

Our philosophy: you will know that a deal was a good deal once it is over and all the people involved are happy!

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