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About AAA-PRINT Sp. z o.o.

AAA-PRINT supplies printing machinery from Europe, USA and China.

We offer you assembling and dismantling services, transportation of printing or other kind of equipment. We buy equipment or accept it for safe-keeping.

Company was founded in the 1995 year. Today company has its own building with gross floor area 2500m², where the office and production area are placed.

Company has print shop, overhaul workshop and warehouse.

Gross area of the territory 100000 m2.

Specialists in the supply of used printing machines and used bookbinding machines, we at AAA-PRINT, have been successfully supplying used printing and bookbinding machinery since 1997.

Growing year on year because of the trust placed in us by customers and other dealers and manufacturer's agents alike, we are now one of Ukrainian's largest international dealers in used printing and bookbinding machines.

We find, buy and sell used printing and bookbinding machinery all over the world and have a most comprehensive database of machinery available, with customers ready to buy. At AAA-PRINT, we use our own fully trained and exceptionally experienced team of printing and bookbinding engineers.

We will remove and install reconditioned printing and bookbinding machines worldwide, handling transactions on the customer’s behalf from start to finish - giving the most comprehensive service available to both sellers and buyers. We buy for stock, from individual machines to complete factories of equipment.

For your convenience, packaging, transport and customs formalities can be included.

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