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About ITK Graphic Machinery

The company was founded in 1953 by mr. J. Van Zomeren. It was named "Relatie" ( which is Dutch for relation ) .
He had a wide range of products. He sold used machines for bakeries , restaurants and hotels.
One day in 1958 , when he wanted to make billboards for his machines , he bought a small, used, printing machine to make them
With this machine he also made his own paper which had a circulation of about 600 .
After some time he heard people say that they also liked to buy a used printing machine .
Then the printingmachines became a part of his assortment. After some years he got specialized in these machines and they
became most important for the company.
After his death in 1976 his son in law, mr. Jan Willem ter Kuile, continued the company and gave it his own name " ITK = International Ter Kuile " .
With this name he wanted to express its international possibilities . Since he refounded the company dealing abroad became a part of his business.
Now we are so far that, by means of internet, we can show the whole world the kind of machines we can offer.
We hope that this little story gives you an impression of our company .

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