SPM Steuer GmbH & Co. KG

  • Address:
  • Ernst-Meyer-Str. 7
  • Zip / City:
  • D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
  • Country:
  • Germany
  • Website:
  • www.spmsteuer.com

  • Verified Dealer Verified Seller

About SPM Steuer GmbH & Co. KG

SPM Steuer has now been established as the used machinery division of Steuer GmbH, a well-known partner and supplier to the printing industry for over 30 years.
The quality of our presses is guaranteed by our in-house engineering expertise and modern manufacturing facility in Germany.
The professionalism and dedication of our team and service focused culture of our company are why there are Steuer printing presses in production on every continent in the world.

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