PM Graphisches Maschinen Contor UG

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  • Roentgenstrasse 9
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  • 67133 Maxdorf
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  • Germany
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About PM Graphisches Maschinen Contor UG

Our office in the metropolitan area of Rhein-Neckar is located in a centre of European printing machines industry.
GMC introduces itself as holistic-thinking partner with a worldwide network for print businesses of every type and size.
Benefit from our more than 30 year experience in trade with graphic equipment and related project services.
We have a large selection of used machines from renowned manufacturers.
We deliver pre-press equipment, sheet and web offset printing machines, cutting machines, folders, gatherer-stitchers, perfect binders, etc.
We are pleased to analyse your needs and work out the suitable offer for you. Contact us and arrange an individual appointment.

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