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Heidelberg XL 105-5LX
  • Company: Van der Wekken Grafische Machines B.V.
  • Manufacturer: Heidelberg
  • Model: SM XL 105
Prinect PressCenter with Wallscreen;
Prinect Inpress;
Alcolor dampeningunits with Technotrans CombiStar. Beta C;
AlcoSmart AZR;
Autom. Wash-up devices for inking rollers;
Autom. Wash-up devise for blanket and impression cylinders; PresetPlus feeder;
PresetPlus delivery;
Heidelberg Autoplate;
Technotrans Inking unit temperature control;
Steelplate feeder and delivery;
Dedicated coater with chambered doctor blades;
Extended delivery X2;
Weko AP 500 CAN powderspray;
HD DryStar 3000 IR dryer;
S/W Press Center Wallscreen Application;
S/W Press Center Instant Gate;
Color Assistant;
18.000 sheets per hour;
Watercooled machine.
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