Request info about MBO K800.2/6 S KTLT R

 MBO   K800.2/6 S KTLT R
  • Company: Atlas MachinesDirect UK Ltd
  • Manufacturer: MBO
  • Model: K800 2.4 SKTZ
Ref:9953 . 2008 MBO K800.2/6 S-KTLT-R.
16pp+ Combination folder comprising:-
'Navigator' auto setting of plates & rollers
R800 ‘Dual Feed’ continuous round pile feeder
Features include:-
• 15” colour touch screen control including error display and total & batch counting
• Stainless steel ‘Combi’ plates
• Slitter shaft cassette for quick make-ready
• Electronic knife fold unit with ‘Vacuknife’
• Sound hood with inspection windows
• A.C. drive motor & dual action compressor
?• FA-66 ME presser stacker marker delivery.
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