Request info about Kolbus ZU804 gatherer with ZA800

Kolbus ZU804 gatherer with ZA800
  • Company: RedKite Machinery Ltd
  • Manufacturer: Kolbus
  • Model: ZU804.R
hand feed station
20 gatherer ZU804R
Technical data:
Size range: min.: 100 x 125 mm
max.: 320 x 460 mm
Section thickness: max. :4 mm
Stack height: magazine max.: 240 mm
transport channel max.: 80 mm
Feeding height: 1,032 mm
Mech. speed: up to 8,000 cycles/h
Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.
ZA800 stacker delivery
For stacking of products to be sewn, etc.,mm, length: 1,500 mm).
The delivery stacker is equipped with a device for staggered
stacking and a turning device.

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