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KBA Rapida RA105 5
  • Company: Mekes Graphic Machines
  • Manufacturer: KBA
  • Model: Rapida 106
equipped with:perfecting 5/0, 2/3ErgoTronic consoleColortronic remote control for presetting/adjusting inkprofilesmonitor automatic presetting of formatautomatic presetting of paperthickness PWHA Semi Automatic Plate Changing Varidamp dampening Technotrans beta c. cool- and circulation device (*watercooled)automatic inkroller-washup-devicesautomatic blanket-washup-devicessteelplate in the feedersteelplate in the delivery suction feeder beltantistatics in the feederincluded side blowers with ionization electro-mechanic double sheet controlelectronic acoustic side lay controldecurlersheet brakehickey pickerpowderspraytechnical details:maximum papersize: 720 x 1050 mmminimum papersize perfecting mode: 440 x 500 mmminimum papersize straight mode: 360 x 500 mmpaperthickness: 60 350 gr/mprinting speed perfecting mode: 12.000 sheets/hourprinting speed straight mode: 15.000 sheets/houravailable: dec-18*watercooled cabinet(s): pump Technotrans beta ps. And external chiller/freecooler included
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