Request info about BOBST SP 104 E

  • Company: Camporese Macchine Grafiche SpA
  • Manufacturer: Bobst
  • Model: BOBST SP 104 E
Elevated 400 mm, CUBE control system, Centre Line, Automatic Universal feeder with non stop facility, Left hand side register pull lays, Stripper with top and bottom frames, Quick Lock Top Stripping Frame, Left pull side lay, Bernoullie tablet in stripper, 1 mm Cutting plate with micrometric adjustment, Speed 8.500 s/h, Non-stop delivery New Gripper Bar chains and Axles 5 months ago On request, the machine can come with extra accessories, such as: -quick speed lock male or quick speed lok female -table for preparation out of the machine -pull lay right side -pushing pull lay for corrugate
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